Friday, January 9, 2015

Eli is Two

Eli fell asleep on the couch like this two days ago. I have often thought the laws of physics are bent for toddlers.

Eli loves David, but only calls him Bebe (baby). He enjoying giving him bottles, and won't let me help him. He even burps David when he's finished, and occasionally looks to see if David has spit up.

I know everyone thinks their kids are cute, but man, these boys steal my heart.

Eli loves Ba-peens (airplanes) and always points to the sky when he hears one fly over.

He was pretty enamored with his new "phone"

My cupcakes didn't really rise, but the sure looked awesome.

Tommy led us in singing, but had to cycle through the other boys names before getting to Eli. It took Eli a couple tries, but he blew out his candle.

Ke-Ke! (cookie) is what he calls all sweets.

When I wouldn't give him another, he drug over a stool to come get his own.


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