Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Construct a Party

Today is Daniel's 3rd Birthday. He has been such a blessing to our family; I cannot imagine life without my sweet boy. This past weekend we celebrated by having some friends and family over and throwing a Construction themed party. I neglected to take pictures of many of the cute decorations Tommy helped me create, but that's okay because we were busy enjoying ourselves!

In no particular order:

We didn't want to leave our little friends out, so we found some plastic hammers they could slobber on.

 Food was devoured.

 Thanks to my hubby who made some awesome signs!

We drug Daniel's work bench inside, along with all the tools he's acquired.

We started the party with a gravel box and a sand box, and ended with two sand and gravel boxes.

The kids couldn't get enough!

Our new living room layout is much more conducive to large groups.

Daniel had plenty of help opening gifts.

Tommy scored some foam from work, made some wooden mallets and let the kids hammer golf tees in. Everyone loved this activity.

One of the highlights for Daniel was unrestricted access to the juice boxes.

I absolutely love how his cake turned out! It was cute & tasty!

The bigger kids got some time alone with the sand.

Chocolate and Vanilla layers, with sweet cream filling and homemade chocolate frosting.

Praise God the party was such a success. There wasn't any major squabbling among the kids, they really seemed to enjoy themselves the entire time. Daniel was thrilled to have all his friends here to celebrate, and I don't think he really even 'got' that it was all for him. I think it will be hard to top this party next year, but we had so much fun we might just recycle the theme.


  1. Amazing! What did you use for the two tone dirt on the cake?

  2. For the 3 I think I used chocolate teddy grahams and for the rest I used chips ahoy. I just threw them in the food processor to get a good consistency.

  3. Happy birthday for your son, i wish you the best!!!
    My sons birthday is coming soon, and i would like to bake this cake.
    Can you write please the recipe?
    Thank you in advance.!!


  4. I too would love to have the recipe for your cake! My son is turning 3 in two months and all your ideas are perfect for a backyard party!!



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