Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday

**I accidentally deleted this post, but with the help of my husband, have recreated it. All original comments are lost however.

I realize that you probably can't read most of this, but if you click on the picture it should get big enough to see better.
These are quilt blocks, over 100 of them, that my aunt brought up last week from my grandmom! I kinda don't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm excited to have some great projects to work on, but also overwhelmed.

I'm not sure how many of the blocks she actually made, and how many were made by her quilting friends but I don't think it really matters. There are enough here for at least 8 quilts, possibly more. Some of them I instantly fell in love with. I mean "On the First Day of Christmas my Texas gave to me"??!!?? How would you not love that.

Some of the others are less 'my taste' and there are some fabrics I might have never bought. But really, I know as I put them together into tops and spend time quilting and binding them, each one will become much more lovely than I might have imagined. And I know they will be difficult to part with, even to family members. Not that I'm parting with all of them, heck no!

Finished up this quilt on Sunday while staying home from church because I felt yucky. A friend has offered to buy it, and I will better document it before that happens.

I finished this top months (?!) ago and just basted it on Sunday. I've quilted over half so far. Need to finish quilting it and bind it up, hopefully by the end of the month. Though I think that's what I've said for the last two months.

Tommy also helped me baste these two.
We used spray baste which goes a ton faster than pinning. We basted 3 quilts in less than the time it would have taken me to pin baste one. My frugal nature likes pinning because I can reuse the pins, but considering my tops seem to get hung up at the basting stage for so long because I hate crawling around on my hands and knees basting, perhaps I can justify the spray purchase if it means getting the job done quicker.

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