Completed Quilts

2013 Finishes

Sadly, it appears I didn't get a better picture of this one before giving it away.

I didn't make these blocks, but assembled them and completed the quilt.

2012 Finishes

For my church's ladies retreat

Daniel's Bed Quilt

2011 Finishes

donated to my church's Ladies Retreat

donated to an auction

Springtime Happies

Early Start, Late Finish

Baby Girl Bentos

First sale

Made for my best friend


Boys Will Be Boys

2010 Finishes

for my nephew

for a friend's baby

for my grandmom's birthday

for a dear friend's first girl

for a friend's baby

the favored lapquilt at home

Gemini Twins

wholecloth Cars quilt for my friend's son

9 Patch Extravaganza for my sister in law at Christmas

2009 Finishes

my first completed quilt (if you can call it that)

for Daniel's toddler bed

Made for my friend's baby

made for my mother at Christmas

made for my inlaws at Christmas


  1. God's given you quite a gift, Jessica! :)

  2. I love the kaleidoscope and Bargello quilts! I'll never be half the quilter you are! Congrats on your accomplishment!

  3. Your quilts are gorgeous!!! My absolute fave is the stars on the black background....WOW!!!



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