Saturday, May 22, 2010


I recently completed two quilt tops. I have no idea when they will be quilted, so I'm showing off the tops.

I have two pregnant friends expecting girls, and two pregnant friends who aren't finding out the gender. (Okay, really, I have about 50 pregnant friends). I'm not sure what to do about the latter two. Make a neutral quilt? Or make one (or two) of each? I've got several patterns floating around in my head, and baby quilts are just the right size.

This quilt will be mine. I only have one other quilt that I've made, Daniel's toddler bed quilt. (Not that I think he'll ever be old enough for a toddler bed.) In all the quilt blogs I read, the quilters all have 20 or more quilts stashed for themselves. Guess I'd better get quilting.


I apologize for my neglect to the blog the past few weeks. It is due in large part to the video card melting to the motherboard in my former laptop. The situation has been rectified by the acquisition of my new laptop "The Beast" handed down to me from my dad.

About 2 weeks ago, Tommy graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with his Master's of Divinity. Sadly, I don't have any really great photos from the weekend, despite the fact that both of our families were up to celebrate with us.

Tommy has worked tremendously hard over the past six and a half years. Before you scoff at how long that took, there are a few things you should consider:
He held down a full time job the entire time, being the sole breadwinner about half of that time.
His program is 96 hours long (for reference, a non-seminary masters is about 36 hours, and a bachelors is about 120 hours).
He took two languages.
He elected not to take summer classes but instead focus on family and life outside of school.
He actually read all his books (many of his classes required a statement of completion, saying that they really did read each and every page, from the title to the last appendix). If I had done this it probably would have taken me an extra 8 years to complete my 7 1/2 year bachelors.

It has been a long road, but such a good one. We really had no clue what to expect when we moved to Fort Worth four years ago. We didn't even have jobs. But our God is so faithful. SO Faithful.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rain Day

On my wish list a few posts back was some plants to spruce up the outside. Daniel and I bought some begonias on a rainy Saturday and replanted them in pots we had at the house.

I'm telling him about how dirt makes your fingers dirty.

He was not phased at all by the rain. It was as though he noticed how it made everything else wet, but not him. He found a spot with the help of Daddy where he could place the watering can so it would fill up with rain water coming off the roof. He preferred to dump the water out of the can instead of pouring it out the spout.

He really liked dipping his head in the puddles and even tried to drink out of them.


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