Monday, July 27, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


In case I forgot to tell you, Daniel took his first steps close to a month ago. He wouldn't take any while we were in SA, but he's picked it up again since we've been home. He took 8 or 9 yesterday, without any coaxing from us.
He also said his first words, Bye-Bye (to Rajan) and Dada (to Tommy).
He'll be 11 months Friday.

Ragged Squares Quilt Finished!

I started this quilt about 6 weeks ago and finished it about 1 week ago. The binding took quite a bit of motivation. I made 2 inch binding, mainly because my only ruler at the time was only 2 inches wide. It was tight to work with, but came out nicely and went faster than the green faux quilt I made.
I didn't post this sooner because whenever Daniel naps I've been working on two other quilts. And since they are both gifts, I can't show you pictures either! One is a Bento Box and the other is a Disappearing Nine Patch. The Bento Box needs to be basted, quilted and bound. And the Nine Patch still needs more squares to finish the top.

This will be for Daniel when he moves up to the toddler bed.

I love how it came out, so bright!

My corners still need some work...

See its progress here. Thanks so much to Crazy Mom Quilts for the tutorial.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's been a while. I know. We've been busy. Okay?
On July 3 we went down to San Antonio for my granddad's 80th birthday. My whole family was there. We actually got a picture of it. And Blogger is importing it sideways. Sorry. If you know how to fix that, leave me a comment.

Then on the 4th, we met my mom in Boerne for a Tea Party. As in Taxed Enough Already. It was... interesting. I think as a Christian Christ deserves our allegiance, not our country. Though I'm sure most in attendance would say that they don't worship America, it sure comes across as worship to me. Tiffany wrote a good blog on patriotism here.

Daniel and I stayed in San Antonio almost a week after Tommy left. We visited Amy and Eleanor. Check out their growth here.

We also spent a few days with my cousins so my Aunt and Uncle could go on a mini-in-town-vacation-date. We had fun swimming, watching movies, and walking Scottie, the new dog.

Then Saturday my mother-in-law drove Daniel and I back home and stayed a few days to visit. on Sunday we took a train ride from the Stockyards and visited the Water Garden.

And on Monday we went to the Botanic Garden and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

We had a great time and Daniel was an excellent sport. But it's nice to be home, where it's childproofed.


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