Wednesday, October 31, 2007

30 by 30

In honor of my 24th birthday, I thought I'd be ambitious and post 30 things I'd like to do, or places I'd like to go by my 30th birthday. Here goes:

  1. Wherever K and J and Rx3 go, I want to visit them there
  2. Visit the Grand Canyon, and if we drive, Window Rock as well
  3. Big Bend, I love it there, and want to share it with Tommy
  4. Oklahoma, it’s so close, there no sense in not going (I have been before, many years ago)
  5. California, crossing my finger to help Katie and Joseph move out there, but if not, I hope we can visit them before they take off across the world
  6. Creation Science Museum
  7. Palo Duro Canyon
  8. Santa Fe, and general region
  9. Hospital, to have a baby!
  10. FW Bureau of Printing and Engraving
  11. A car show, never been, but sounds like it could be fun
  12. Bass Hall, can I include with this buying a nice outfit so I look pretty when we go?
  13. Opera, always wanted to go to one, preferably not an English one
  14. Stage Play
  15. Caedmon’s Call Concert, they’re all I listen to anyway, might as well go to a concert and complete the experience
  16. in view of a call with my husband, I’m probably overly curious to see where and what God has in store
  17. have thanksgiving dinner at my home
  18. have a fruit and/or vegetable garden
  19. finish my t-shirt quilt
  20. run a 5 mile race
  21. learn how to make bread, even if it means just getting a bread maker for Christmas sometime
  22. make a wedding scrapbook
  23. be a size 8 (or smaller), hopefully both before, and after number 9
  24. graduate from UTA graduate, get it done with so I can move on to number 9
  25. take a sewing class
  26. catalog all my Christmas treasures so I know where they came from and the meaning behind them
  27. read one book a year of Tommy’s choosing
  28. develop a rich and intense prayer life
  29. try one new recipe a month (that's 72!)
  30. live in a home where I can paint the walls


  1. That an exciting list :) Great part is, I'd get to do most of those with you.

    When do you want to start that book? It's getting close to the end of the year...

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed seeing yours and reading a bit about your life.

    Last year I did a "27 by 27" list that I've almost finished (now that I'm almost 28). :) Good luck with yours, and happy belated birthday!



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