Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nursery Duty

Our crib finally arrived on Wednesday and Tommy dutifully put it together the same day. We spent a good part of yesterday and today making the curtains for Daniel's room. Here are the fruits of our labors!

Yay for the crib!! It finally feels like a nursery!

Our rockin' curtains.

This is me from about 3 weeks ago and Tommy's awesome painting. And his favorite toy, the catapult in the foreground (the bouncy seat).

Our stock pile of diapers and some of Daniel's clothes. And Tommy's tools.


  1. Hey everything looks great. Love the tons of diapers, you're prepared for anything there. haha. I love the painting, who knew Tommy was hiding such a talent! Looking forward to meeting Daniel.~Tiffani

  2. So cute! Looks as if you're ready!



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