Monday, October 6, 2008


Daniel has been smiling a lot, but we don't have many pictures because we aren't quick with the camera and we'd smile with him than take pictures. But here are a few.

I realize he looks a little deranged here, but you get the idea.

We practice our smiles everyday :)


  1. Hey,
    I can not believe how big he had already gotten. We need to get together sometime soon. Maybe we could all have dinner? Hope everything is going well for yall.

  2. WOW! I cannot believe he's gone from "Mister Spindle Legs" to this robust full figured little guy.

    It's obvious to grandpa that this boy knows how to eat. He looks so happy and healthy.

    I feel sad now.... cuz I can't be there to make him laugh and hold him.

    Love you Daniel!
    Grandpa Hard



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