Saturday, March 14, 2009

OKC (Part 1)

Daniel's first museum was the Toy and Action Figure Museum.
We saw the sign for this museum from the highway; the museum is south of Oklahoma City in Paul's Valley. I've always wanted to be able to stop at unplanned roadside attractions, so this was spontaneous for us. It was $6 per person which I thought was a little high, but it was clean and well done. Tommy had fun finding the toys he and his friends has as kids. "Doh! Why did I throw that out?!"

Check out those wheels!

Daniel in the Batmobile.

Once we got into town we headed to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. We didn't spend too much time outside because no one was dressed warm enough. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but it was very well done. I was only 11 when the bombing happened and didn't remember much so I appreciated this opportunity. If you are ever in the city, I highly recommend visiting.

The Science Museum was awesome. Tons of hands on exhibits great for us big kids too! In the weather center you could be a meteorologist, and see what the winds of a category 1 hurricane feel like.

The first day and a half was cold and wet. Fortunately not that windy.

The special exhibit was Shipwrecked, which we had to pay an additional fee for. It was nice, but I wish we'd have saved our money, it wasn't anything spectacular. And I don't think Tommy got the "Gimme your best pirate face" memo.


Ahoy Matey!!

FYI- you can click on any (ok, most) of the pictures on our blog and they will get much bigger!

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