Saturday, May 22, 2010


I recently completed two quilt tops. I have no idea when they will be quilted, so I'm showing off the tops.

I have two pregnant friends expecting girls, and two pregnant friends who aren't finding out the gender. (Okay, really, I have about 50 pregnant friends). I'm not sure what to do about the latter two. Make a neutral quilt? Or make one (or two) of each? I've got several patterns floating around in my head, and baby quilts are just the right size.

This quilt will be mine. I only have one other quilt that I've made, Daniel's toddler bed quilt. (Not that I think he'll ever be old enough for a toddler bed.) In all the quilt blogs I read, the quilters all have 20 or more quilts stashed for themselves. Guess I'd better get quilting.


  1. I love them and I love the one you made my son. And I'm sure I would love one if you made one for me :)

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