Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This blanket came to us all the way from Turkey. My friend who sent it to us said that the locals traditionally eat on the floor and will use a blanket like this beneath them. They might also use it on picnics, eating outdoors. At our house however, it has officially become the Lego blanket.

Daniel got a big bin of Mega Blocks for Christmas last year and even has a small bag of Lego Duplos. He has enjoyed them both and it has been so neat to watch the ways he plays with them evolve.

A few weeks ago we received a Lego magazine catalog in the mail. Daniel sat at the table and studied it. He sat on the couch and studied it. He rescued it from the book basket to place it prominently on the ottoman.

And then he asked Daddy "Lego, Daddy, Lego!" So Tommy took him to play with the Mega Blocks.

"Lego, Daddy, Lego!" So Tommy got down the Duplos.

"Lego, Daddy, Lego!" Then Tommy beamed with pride as he opened the Lego closet (our guest room closed has generously donated itself to the housing of thousands of dollars worth of Legos found on craigslist and at garage sales).

All his hopes and dreams as a father have been fulfilled. Okay, maybe not all of them, but I think he's pretty pleased for now.

The Lego blanket lends itself to easy clean up and restricting Legos to special father-son time means I'm not stuck corralling them onto the blanket five times a day.

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