Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Travel Anticipation

Last week Tommy and I finished buying our last ticket for our upcoming trip to Central Asia this fall. We will be gone for about 12 days and I.cannot.wait. In anticipation of our trip, I've been keeping my eye out for luggage. We needed luggage for checked bags, and would love some new carry-ons.

I went to Costco this weekend with a friend and scored two of these awesome bags! The duffel style caught my eye because the store smaller, and at $40 each, I could not pass them up! Many of the other bags I'd been looking at were upwards of $100, some well upwards of that. I am so excited to have new luggage that it's killing me to think I won't get to use it for almost 5 months. And so, I've been reminiscing some past travels.

In no real order:

2005- our honeymoon,
in Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico

2008- Yosemite National Park
by the roots of a fallen Sequoia

2008- Grand Canyon
we only had a few hours here,
but I could have spend several more days

2007- Chiang Mai, Thailand
in a tuk-tuk

2005- Big Bend National Park
Burro Mesa Pour-off

Hopefully our luggage will many destinations near and far over the years to come!

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