Thursday, June 14, 2012

Process: Kait's Quilt

I thought it would be fun to show you the process I went through while making this quilt. I had a specific pattern in mind when I bought this fabric from Connecting Threads, but quickly realized my math had failed me and I didn't have enough charm squares to do what I wanted to. 

Fabric arrived the end of February

The fabrics I used in this quilt are in the stack on the right

I got to sketching out some designs by the beginning of April, with crayons. Oh yeah.

layout of the first block, compare this to the bottom block above

first block completed

layout of the second block

This is where I realized I sewed the first block together wrong and knew it had to be fixed

second block, and first block fixed

the three large blocks

trying different layouts

two medium blocks

more layout ideas

with two additional small blocks

not sure about this layout

filling in the negative spaces with black

All the blocks are together

Just needed a little more black around two sides

working on a little embroidered label 

Hopefully in the next week I'll show you the completed quilt! I really enjoyed making this one as it was so different from most of the others I've made.

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