Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Daniel!

Daniel's birthday started with Tommy taking him to get donuts! The lady at the local donut shop is a little overzealous and gives tons of free donuts!

Then once home, he got to open his presents from mom and dad. Puzzles were a big hit this year.

He also got a backpack to take into big church with us on Sunday mornings. Now that he is 4, he will be sitting in service with us.

That evening we went to a local church for a Seeds Family Worship concert. Daniel didn't know what to make of it at first, but he warmed up quickly when he saw his friend Olivia dancing.

On Saturday we had a party with his friends at a local park. Daniel requested a Spiderman cake! I did the white icing, and Tommy did the rest!

We had a simple lunch and enjoyed our time with friends.

It has been so nice having my cousin close by at DBU. We have gotten to see alot of Kaitlin and her boyfriend Jesse over the last month.

Daniel was very excited to open his presents! I think we're about to have a hot wheel recruit. We probably have close to 100 cars, and I think not all of them will make the cut!

Daniel also loved this Cars sticker book!

Happy Birthday Daniel! We love you and we thank God for bringing you to our family!

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