Thursday, November 22, 2007

New Happenings

Within the past few weeks I have started teaching the Wednesday night college group at FBCFW. It has been a while since I've taught a class of any kind, so I'm very excited to get have the opportunity. This is also a milestone of sorts for me, as the only classes I have ever lead on a permanent basis were youth classes, never an adult class.

We've started going through the book of Galatians verse by verse, with the hope of unpacking what the text means and making application from that to our lives. There's a great group of people who are coming, several of whom are ready to take active roles in leading worship, outreach, in reach, and so on. I'm very encouraged by them and blessed to have them.

While I'm new to this group, I do have a vision of discipleship I would like to cogently formulate and implement. I would covet your prayers on this. This vision includes emphases on encouraging private and corporate prayer, personal accountability to each other for righteous living, active evangelism, Biblical literacy, developing a Christian world-view capable of engaging our culture, and heart-felt worship that does not bypass the mind. Various programs would then reflect those concerns. While this list of emphases is not comprehensive of Christianity, I believe they are areas that are either sometimes neglected in college/careers ministries or need to be pursued with full diligence.

One exciting bit of news is that I've been given a new email address at church, though I'm hesitent to post it on here for fear of email spam. I hope to keep you up to date as things develope.

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