Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Next on the List

At the end of January Tommy and I put in a housing transfer request to different seminary housing. The new apartment would still be two bedrooms, but nearly 300 more square feet makes it almost 50% bigger than the one we're in now (and only $80 more)! We've always been pretty cozy, and probably wouldn't struggle to fill up a small home with everything we have. We're almost busting the seams of our tiny 675 sq ft apartment with absolutely no room for a baby and all the gear that they require.

So when Tommy put in the request, there were 5 people ahead of us, and we got a projected move in date of May (probably from graduating students leaving). He went by the housing office today to see how things were going and found out that we're next on the list! Holy Cow!

While I'm totally excited and anxious to be in the new place, May was a nice time frame, because then we'd be out of school, and I'd be pregnant enough to get away with not lifting a finger besides to pack and unpack. We still don't have a more specific date, but keep your calendars clear to help us move!

1 comment:

  1. Does this mean the Hards are moving into the Manor?



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