Sunday, March 9, 2008


Tommy and I had lunch today after church with two couples from our Sunday School class. We were discussing new believers, and I mentioned that after some bad experiences, I am sometimes wary that it might be insincere and not genuine. One of my friends replied that he thinks I'm just a wary and skeptical kind of person. I responded in laughter, that I know, you all find it hard to believe that I can be skeptical. Talk about a quick, enthusiastic agreement from everyone on how skeptical I can be.

Now I do not deny one bit that I often doubt things, and ask lots of questions to make sure a story is believable. But I must admit it was slightly shocking to hear how quick my friends were to recognize this trait in me. I am sure now that I think about it, most all of my friends are thinking Duh! One friend in particular, I can imagine reading this post, and I can almost audibly hear her laughing at how slow I was to pick up on this.


  1. Are you talking about me?


  2. I say embrace your inner skeptic! I spent two years in journalism letting mine out. :)



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