Monday, June 2, 2008

Crazy Cali

I got back from California last Sunday to the disgusting heat known as Texas and truly thought I was going to be sick. Then I got to our brand new home and realized that I left California chaos for the chaos that is moving. Today is my first really lazy day since being back.


First, some California highlights! For starters, I missed my flight going out there. Apparently 55 minutes isn't enough time to get both your luggage and yourself on a domestic flight. So I made it out there an hour or two later and at a different airport. While I was there each child thew up, nicely spaced apart, Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday. Thursday almost took us to the ER, but he really wasn't bleeding out the eye, Thank God!

Monday and Tuesday we went to Yosemite National Park. Poor Tommy who's not used to mountains asked Half Dome was kinda like Enchanted Rock.

L to R: Me finally looking pregnant with Katie's mom, Richard, Robert and Raymond near Bridal Vail Falls

on Glacier Point, Half Dome to the left and Vernal Falls to the right

Katie, Richard and Raymond at the Vernal Falls footbridge.

Friday Katie, Raymond and I went into San Francisco, ate lunch on the warf and dessert in Ghirardelli Square. We also enjoyed watching the Bush Man, check him out on YouTube here.
Saturday we drove to Monterrey Bay and enjoyed the Aquarium and the chilly weather.

Since being home, we've just about finished unpacking, which is hard to do when half of what you own is books and you can't lift the boxes. Once we've got things hung and situated better we'll post some pictures. So far we're loving it here. Yesterday we started our Bradley Childbirth classes. In other pregnancy notes, my hands have been swelling, my round ligaments are killing me, but I'm loving watching my tummy move with a growing baby inside. And we're about 99% committed to Daniel as a first name, but still no middle name.


  1. Glad you enjoyed Cali but it's better to have you back. Love the name sounds strong and important. Let me know if you need help around the apartment. ~Tiffani

  2. I wish you were still in California with me!-Katie



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