Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Please take a moment to visit my friend's photography blog.
Michelle Monk Photography
Tommy and I had dinner with their family (5 girls!!) Saturday night. Michelle recently (maybe a month ago) broke her ankle and so we offered to bring dinner. And I invited us to eat it with them. How else do you make friends!?

After dinner Michelle took advantage of the opportunity to take pictures of a boy (5 girls remember?) Between Daniel's inability to be still longer than 4 seconds and Michelle's inability to do anything but shuffle on her broken foot it's a wonder she got anything!

Check out the pictures HERE as well as her version of the evening. (She says she invited us, but she didn't. I invited us after stopping by her house unannounced with a Coke from Sonic.)

PS if you're looking for a photographer...

1 comment:

  1. I DID invite you for dinner on Saturday! haha! YOU invited yourself on Friday and when I had to cancel I invited y'all on Saturday!! hahaha!! I had a fun time regardless of who invited who(m). :)



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