Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dreams Come True

When I was a little girl, somehow I ended up on the mailing list for the American Girl Doll catalog. Each one was loved with dogeared pages, circled items and water marks, from tears or drool; I'm not sure which.

Not even an outfit. I did get three or four series of the books. Because that doesn't make you want the doll more or anything. At close to $100 each, I don't actually remember anyone else having any of the dolls either.

Yesterday I noticed an add on Craigslist for a garage sale less than a mile from our house. I wavered back and forth on whether I should go or not. I usually like to hit several if I'm going to go, and this one didn't start until 10am. And I hit a few yesterday (score on the $0.50 Wilton cupcake pan). No, I wouldn't go.

But I needed a few things at Albertson's (score on the $1.68/lb chicken breast). And since the sale was right around the corner, it would make sense to drive past. So I did.

I spotted a few children's wooden rocking chairs that I figured were worth stopping for. When I saw they were price for $10 each (which I consider a little high for a garage sale) I didn't think anything else would be priced well.

And I spotted them. SIX of them. American Girl Dolls.

"How much for the dolls?" Pretending they were just run of the mill dolls, nothing to get excited over.

"$5 each." Happy Dance. Happy Dance. (On the inside, lest they see my joy and jack up the price.

I immediately started racking my brain wondering which dolls my cousin has, and wondering which she would want. And what about my friend's daughter. Surely she would want one.

Providence is a beautiful thing. My aunt called right then. "What's the weather like up there?" Weather smeather.

She put Sarah on the phone and she told me which dolls were her top two. Right as the man put out out a box of American Girl Doll clothes.

It got a little hectic at this point. Outfits, dolls, prices and an 18 month old little boy making himself at home in someone else's junk.

I chose three dolls and the box of clothes which the man priced at $7.00. I asked if he would take $20 for the bunch, and he said no. Whatever, it was worth asking. $22.00 was a STEAL.

An hour later, after buying my weight in meat at Albertson's, I went back for the remainder. I couldn't help myself. Someone had snagged one of the dolls, but I snatched up the remaining two.

5 dolls, an assortment of clothes all for $32.00.

I tried to match the girls with the clothes, but some of them are retired, so it was a little difficult.

I wasn't sure which of these outfits went to which dolls, or I didn't have the doll that went to the outfit.

And yes, I will be dressing the dolls until I have to surrender them to the next generation.


  1. Wow you sure did hit the jack pot! You are definitely set for a little girl.... :)

  2. awesome! I always wanted one too...never got one...but like you said, got the books! So happy for your find!

  3. Incredible!! You've gotta have yourself a little girl now :) I remember reading the books, but never got a doll either; I think my parents must have hid the fact that they even existed.

    Eleanor's just getting into feeding and kissing her baby dolls, so I can't wait to get her a dollhouse and play with them too! (I'll be doing my best to stay away from Barbie, though.)

    I can't believe you found such an awesome deal!!

  4. ok i have kirsten and my sister has samantha and I think I still remember what dresses they had. We didn't have all the dresses for them but all the catalogs and my sister I think may even have some furniture. anyways all this to say some of the dresses in the bottom pic look like samantha's which you did buy.

  5. That's amazing!!! I got Kirsten when I was 8 and several of the others for Christmas in years following (and I hear you on the expense--that was basically all of Christmas). And I still treasure them. I've gotten rid of a lot of my dolls and toys from when I was a kid--but not my American Girls. :) Have fun with yours!

  6. What a find! I have Kirsten, but only because I saved my own money and bought her myself. -Terese

  7. Is it to early to send Daniel a baseball glove and a football?

  8. Pretty sure the top 3 outfits go with Samantha.
    What an awesome find. I gave Katie my Samantha doll when we moved into the new house. She sleeps with her every night.




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