Friday, April 30, 2010

Pack & What?

The other week, on a Tuesday evening, Tommy and I moved our bed into the guest room because our new bed was to be delivered the following day. We decided to put Daniel in the Pack & Play after he knocked over the box spring, so he wouldn't do more damage (to himself or anyone/thing else).
And then, he was in the room with me.
"Did you take him out?"
"No... why...?"
"Maybe it was a fluke, put him back in."
And there he was again.
This time we put him in and stayed to watch.
He hoisted himself out like he'd been doing it for months.
We turned it upside down to briefly cage contain the animal Daniel.

"Good thing his crib is higher, I'm not ready for him to climb out of that."

Fast forward to Friday. Daniel was having a rough day, didn't want lunch, didn't want nap. So he got nap. He is usually a decent napper, but didn't want to go down this day. He was throwing a fit. Whatever, deal with it kid. Maybe I was having a rough day too.
And then I hear this noise. Like someone fiddling with the door knob.
Well, I knew the day was coming when he'd climb out. I'll just let him fiddle, sometimes he has a hard time with that knob, it's kinda sticky.
And then God prompts me to be merciful to the poor kid.

And he has locked himself in his room.

About 20-30 minutes later, after I removed his entire doorknob, the entire bathroom doorknob, grumbled at my husband for misleading how easily I could open his door should this happen, and finally opened the door, he's still pretty upset.
Apparently this incident was so traumatic, he has not climbed out of his bed again.

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