Thursday, August 12, 2010


Daniel has been talking so much the past few weeks, often repeating things after hearing them only once. I thought I'd share some of his words:

Daniel says~ What it Means

ciril~ cereal
bobby/bubby~ zebra
Dada~ Granddad
Bina~ banana or Nana
teddy 'n bear~ teddy bear
bane~ blankey
Bamaw~ Grandma
Bampaw~ Grandpa
raf~ giraffe
Dan-o~ Daniel
Dan-o see yat~ let me see that
peas~ please
mean up~ clean up
dit down~ get down from there
ear~ come sit here
song~ sing to me, or turn the music back up
potty~ I need to pee or I am bored and don't want to sit here doing this anymore
quwar~ car
pone~ phone

There are plenty more; I could go on and on!

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