Sunday, August 22, 2010


Daniel turns two on Tuesday. We celebrated with some friends yesterday at our house. I do believe a great time was had by all.
The kids and Tommy played outside in the pool and on the slip & slide. Well, some of them did, some were too afraid of the water, and others the grass in the water. We also enjoyed cake (ummy as Daniel calls it).
We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends here. God has taught us much about himself through these families and their presence in our lives.

We gave Daniel a tool set but we made him wait to open all the pieces until his friends were gone so it didn't get strewn about (and so he wouldn't have to share). Daniel was so excited about his tools when I mentioned getting ready for bed, he started to throw a fit. So I told him he could take one tool to bed with him. He choose the drill.

Tonight he's sleeping with the hammer.

You can see more photos over at facebook.

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    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    Love Grandpa :)



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