Friday, October 29, 2010

A Wedding Quilt

Jammin' out to Weezer on our way to see Derek Webb (before I even knew who he was) in College Station (wonder if her soon to be Mr. was there at the time).

My friend Stephanie is getting married January 1st.

So I made a quilt for her. The biggest one to date. A twin size.

I used the pattern ara jane used for her red letter day quilt. She talks about the dimensions in the comments.

I told Stephanie that if she didn't like it, she had to be honest, because I would keep it in a heartbeat. It was difficult to part with, because Lord only knows if/when I'll ever see the quilt/Stephanie again. I took lots of pictures outside and am wishing I had taken a few with more direct light and not splotchy sunlight through the trees light.

I think of them as pluses, but Daniel calls them crosses. Kinda like You+Me+the Cross=Marriage

I quilted straight lines on the diagonal. Some were more straight than others. Some were "organic."

Mmmm, they're both so yummy!

I had planned on making a giant pieced plus/cross for the back, but just couldn't get into it so I went the simpler route and used the biggest scraps I had left.

The fabrics were a good mix of stuff from my stash as well as a few fat quarters and a bit of yardage from JoAnns. I love that some are modern prints and some more traditional and they mix together so well.

The scrappy binding helped use up some of the leftovers.
And that's Daniel's butterfly in the background. He made it in Sunday School to remember that butterflies change, but God never changes. How sweet is that!?!

I hope Stephanie and Nathan enjoy many years of cuddling under this quilt!

And let me just say that when your kid takes a 3+ hour nap, you can finish binding another quilt, talk 2 hours to a much missed friend overseas, and still have time to blog and eat a cupcake! I love it!


  1. Did I never comment on this?? I LOVE this quilt. We use it all the time!



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