Saturday, February 19, 2011

Playing Outside

It appears my son has just discovered the joy of sharing his food with Midnite. And while this is not a habit I generally approve of, I must admit it is so sweet to see Daniel have a playmate.

Though I feel a tad guilty about keeping Midnite in her crate while we are gone and at night, she does wonderfully in it! It's also nice not to feel anxious wondering what she might be getting into in her new home. We are unsure if this will be a long term thing but for now it's great. We have also enjoyed taking her for walks, she's had 4 in the 40 hours she's been with us!

We began talking more seriously about getting a dog back in December, discussing what we were looking for and what we wanted to avoid. Things fell together with Midnite in a way only God could have orchestrated. There is such peace in that. We serve a mighty God who is not too busy to show his love in even the smallest of things.

Midnite seems to enjoy the backyard, and the fact that the surrounding yards contain no less than six dogs. Six dogs whose barking we have listened to incessantly over the past year. I feel no guilt when they now wake-up their owners at 6:30am when Tommy takes Midnite out.

Maybe I'm crazy but I love those dirty little feet.

Making a "leaf angel"


It's pretty hard to get decent pictures of them together; they both move pretty fast and usually in different directions!

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  1. So cute. Love those dirty feet too. Very happy that it is working out so well. Isn't God just so sweet to give us animals to love. Perhaps a puppy play date is due for our pups.



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