Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowy Day

The weather here in Fort Worth never ceases to amaze. High 60s this past weekend, and today it is well below freezing! The new this morning even mentioned a -2 wind chill here! I believe it. We went outside briefly. Yep, it's cold.
You can see the snow we had last year here, we had quite a bit more, enough to actually build snowmen and such. The snow today is not good for much except making me cold.

Hey Dad, Stop throwing snow at me!

Daniel slipped in the ice, but Tommy was nearby to catch him.

We had a good bit of sleet early this morning which then turned to ice, lots and lots of ice.

Daniel wants to go back out, but since my big toe is still regaining feeling, I'm doubtful that will happen.

In other news, we got new toilets which Tommy installed for us. They are low-flo so I am curious to see if they make a difference in our water bill.


  1. yay for snow! There's supposedly a chance we'll get some, but I'm not betting on it.

  2. Your new toilet is just like the ones we have. You end up using the solid most of the time, because it clears better. The liquid one works great if your pee is clear.

    I save money by better planning. I plan to use the toilet at work, church, or some retail establishment as much as possible to save on my water bill. If I come over, don't be surprised if I ask you where the bathroom is. I will bless it while I'm there and even light a candle if necessary.



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