Saturday, June 18, 2011

Burp Cloths

It's always nice to find fun fabrics for boys.

Burp cloths are such simple gifts to whip up for new babies, and easy to personalize too. I made these four in an hour or so. It's always so hard to gauge how long I spend on a given project because I rarely work on it from start to finish in one sitting, without interruptions.

I used a cardboard template to iron the edges straight and get a uniform size.

I seriously need a new ironing board cover!

I won this starch alternative at the Quilt Sitter's meeting at my LQS. If you show a quilt you made, you are entered for a door prize. The first time I showed anything, I won; great incentive to keep showing off. I usually never starch anything, and was pleasantly surprised how much cleaner it made my sewing.


  1. The burp cloths look great!
    Your LQS sounds nice, the one here in Azle is kind of scary. I would like to support someone besides Joanns when I buy fabric though, would you mind sharing which shop you go to?

  2. I go to Berry Patch, but I've never bought much stuff there, it's just too expensive. All quilt shops seem to be about the same price, $9-$10/yard!
    Cabbage Rose is bigger, but it's not as close to me.



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