Monday, June 27, 2011


Some days I really struggle with God's will. There are things I want so badly, that in his good and sovereign plan, he is withholding from me.

Abraham's wife Sarah laughed at the Lord when told she would bear a son after countless years of infertility. But the Lord was gracious to Sarah and did what He promised.

Isaac prayed for his wife Rebekah because she also was barren. And God answered his prayers.

Jacob's wife Rachel was barren. She watched three other women whom she likely saw everyday bear many children. Rachel was jealous; she was disgraced. But then God remembered Rachel; he listened to her and opened her womb.

Several other such stories occur throughout the scriptures. I can rest in peace knowing it is the Lord alone who opens and closes the womb. And only because He is good, never because one is deserving.

A few days ago Tommy and I were remembering what our plans were. Wait to finish school before having kids.

I praise God that was not his plan! I cannot imagine life without my sweet, soon to be three, son. Had we waited, we would still be childless.

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  1. Great words and reminders. God is so faithful, and He has not left us to take this journey alone. So blessed by your friendship and support through my walk... and honored to be able to be there for you on yours.



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