Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finish: Merry Christmas!

This quilt was actually completed last fall, but posting about it had taken the backseat for too long! 

I love using embroidery for the labels. I printed off what I wanted to embroider in a fun font, then traced over it on the fabric with pencil. 100x better than using my own handwriting!

I made this as a door prize for my church's ladies retreat. Each woman had two slips of paper with her name and she got to place them a box out front of any two door prizes she was interested in. We drew one name from the box and awarded the winner. I was so flattered at how many women put their names in the box for this quilt, I wish I could have given each one their own!

I did a simple meander with a few little loops, always a classic.

I received this fabric courtesy of the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day almost two years ago at Diary of a Quilter

For the back I used some larger scraps leftover from my own Christmas quilt.

I now realize that I am behind on blogging about Daniel and Eli's quilts too! Daniel has been enjoying his for a few months now, and Eli's is finished except for sewing the label on the back!

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  1. Jess - this quilt turned out so wonderfully! And I love the cause that it went to too. How great is that! Thanks so much for letting me know!



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