Monday, November 10, 2008


Daniel is so blessed to have four grandparents (all originals) and three great-grandparents (also all originals).
This picture is of Daniel and my dad's parents. I've been reading Sacred Marriage and love how he explains that marriage should be a reflection of Christ and the church. This is why divorce and homosexuality are so devastating. Although no marriage is perfect, it is so awesome to look back and see the heritage I come from.
I love you Granddad and Grandmom!

Happy Birthday (on the 12th) to my cousin Nathan!

To see more pictures of my trip to San Antonio go HERE.
To see more pictures from Halloween go HERE.


  1. Thanks, Jess -- we love you three!
    Granddad & Grandmom

  2. Jess,

    Do you have a good picture of me with Daniel that I can have??? I think I have a good spot to put it. :-)




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