Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

For Daniel's first Halloween/my birthday/Reformation Day, he started off by giving me my birthday present- he slept 10 hours! So Tommy and I slept in, then we dressed Daniel up and went to breakfast. I took a lazy day and just bummed around the house, I also wanted to be sure Tommy would have some cleaning to do to keep him busy while I was away this weekend.

In the evening we went to a friend's house and handed out candy so their kids could trick-or-treat. But our friends might not invite us back because there were a few undressed-up teenagers that I refused candy to. There were several moms with their kids and moms with little babies who had their own bags for candy! Hello! You're going to end up eating your kids candy anyway- and I know those babies aren't eating those Snickers!
All told it was a good birthday!

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