Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rethinking Christmas

Let me just start off by saying this year's Christmas was not what I hoped it would be. Next year will be different.
Presents- why do I feel compelled to buy so much for people who don't need it just so I can say I did?
Food- gaining 10 pounds in a month is ridiculous and baking for people who want to loose weight is not nice.
Work- as much as I love my job, my place is at home, with my husband and child.
Time- we will make a point to spend time as a family, not shopping or getting ready, but just enjoying the season.
Meaning- the gifts I do give will serve more of a purpose than just to say "Here's a pile of crap you can regift later."
Jesus- we will be intentional in remembering what we are celebrating, and teaching this to our family and to others.


  1. I did the exact same thing this year for my grandsons. I said that next year will be different. I hope.

  2. ps.. your baby does look cute amongst all those presents though..haha

  3. I always admire how blunt you are. Sometimes it just cracks me up and I can just hear you actually saying these things. God Bless you Jess. I think you're awesome.



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