Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Starting with Sanctity of Life Sunday and recent sermons on adoption at our church, I've really been thinking more about pro-life, and what it means. Is saying that I voted Pro-Life enough? This might be a tough analogy, but was it enough for a German who could smell the smoke of burning bodies to say my vote was for the other guy?

No. It's not enough, not for me.

Pro-Life to me is about more than being against abortion. It's about advocating life. New life, Old life and everything in between.

If children are a blessing, I won't scoff at the family with six kids under age 7. If old folks valuable I won't huff if I'm behind someone shuffling their feet. I should encourage single moms and rejoice at every conception.

Tommy and I have been discussing what more practical ways we can have a positive influence with our limited time and even more limited budget. To be perfectly honest, we haven't come up with much yet. There are a few things we feel like we can do now, and start thinking about for the future:
  • Buy diapers for a pregnancy help center when I find them at super good deals
  • Donate a little extra money as we have it to the adoption fund our church just started
  • Mentor someone about to age out of the foster system
  • Adopt a child in the foster system or internationally
  • Volunteer at a pregnancy help center
  • Loose baby weight so we can have more babies to celebrate
  • Become more educated on abortion, how it is performed and its repercussions
  • Be sure that none of our future doctors perform abortions, and that no hospital we deliver at offer those procedures
  • Make sure vaccines don't come from aborted babies
What will you do? Is voting enough for you?
Please check out these links for some more info

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  1. Go volunteer at the pregnancy center on Hulen. It is affordable and you ought to be able to do just a couple hours a week if you want. Plus, they were telling me it would be fine to bring Robert with me when he was a little guy. Or ask what you can do outside of the center to help. I miss you!-Katie

  2. Hulen, as in Dallas?

    If so, I've got a GREAT friend in Duncanville at a CPC there... she runs part of it, named Keisha Edwards. I'd highly recommend that place!

    Regardless, what an incredible post. SO practical and right-on!

  3. I'm with you on the idea of life is valuable--no matter at what stage. And, IMHO, politics has very little to do with it. :)
    Good thoughts!

  4. What a good post!! I told Rajan that I wanted the church to throw a shower for the Pregnancy Help Center instead of for us, but I went to Babies R Us yesterday and was kind of waffling - new baby things are so enticing!! But I have definitely decided this is the right thing to do now.

  5. BTW - I am anonymous. (previous comment)

  6. I agree you have to value and sanctify life from the womb to the tomb.

    Pray for that Pastor thats facing jail time for "peacefully" counseling pregnant women outside an abortion clinic (aborseleum). He violated no zoning issues and made no speeches. He just held a poster that offered to answer questions and help. The story and film of him in action is on



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