Thursday, January 15, 2009


Sylar, I mean Tommy, took apart my watches so we could put new batteries in them.

He insisted that we couldn't just go buy batteries, because they are all different sizes. He was careful to write down the letters and numbers of each battery alongside which watch it came out of. Even after realizing they were the same size, he thought maybe some watches needed a higher voltage battery.

We'll see what happens when we go buy batteries.


  1. Not volts, amps...which in fact are different. The SR26 are at 28mAh, the LR 626 at 18mAh, and the V377 at 23mAh. They are in fact interchangeable. But why bother to check? We'll just go ahead and cram whatever we can into those watches.

    And yes, I am glad we checked to see what kind of batteries were in them. Of the many watches I grew up with, battery sizes were often unique, dime shaped sizes.

  2. I'm bad to let all the batteries die in mine; then we just take them all to the jewelry store, where they kind of give me a dirty look. ha
    Never thought of fixing them myself. Hmm...



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