Friday, April 3, 2009


Daniel has had a busy few weeks. So many new accomplishments in just a short time.

He can now:
feed himself cheerios
drink from a sippy cup himself
sit up by himself
cruise around the ottoman (only counterclockwise)
and crawl!

Here's a short clip of the crawling:


  1. okay, Eleanor, time to catch up! but do i really want her crawling already? that would mean i'd have to be more diligent about picking things up off the floor! she did sleep through the night last night for the second time EVER. very happy about that, hopefully it continues. love ya and i think of you whenever i'm washing my dishes (three or more times a day) by hand!

  2. Lol! I know exactly what Amy means! I am LOVING the stage where I can put Sadie on the floor and leave the room knowing she'll be in almost the same spot I left her. I am NOT looking forward the the crawling...but congrats to you any ways for such a milestone! :)



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