Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April For Real

No joke, here are some of our goals for the month of April.

Plan and register for the fall semester. I will be taking 12 hours (hopefully fully funded by the Maverick Promise). Tommy will most likely be taking 7 hours. And Daniel will be attending a Mother's Day Out or part-time pre-school while I'm in class.

We've heard about the envelope system for years, but never had the desire or will power to do it. We will be instituting envelopes of $200 for groceries, $80 for eating out and $10 each for drinks and snacks. We opted not to use one for gas, because as much as I like the idea of saying "My gas envelope is empty and so is the car, guess I can't go to school!" it's just not realistic.

We plan on running in the Seminary Stride 5K. I've never run a whole 5K before, and am looking forward to it. I am currently "training" for it and ran 2 1/4 miles last night!

I've been greatly enjoying Tommy's new ESV Study Bible lately. I think I use it more than he does! It has motivated me to read through some of the Old Testament that I find intimidating. (I find just about all of the OT intimidating). I'm thinking I'll start reading Ezra this month.

What are some of your goals for the month? How much do you spend on eating in a month? I'd love to know where we stand on this, I know we spend more in Fort Worth than we did in San Antonio where we had the luxury of generous family nearby. Are there parts of scripture that overwhelm or intimidate you? My previous method of dealing has been to just hold my breath and read it, or to stick to the NT.

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  1. Good goals! I'm also trying to get back into the running, but it's slow going. And I have been curious about our grocery $$ as well--how it compares. I think we spend ~$500/month, but that includes eating out as well as our toiletries, etc., which we buy at the grocery. Budgets. Ugh.



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