Thursday, September 23, 2010

Free Motion

When I first tried free motion quilting, it was awful. And I'm not being modest. There were jagged points, skipped stitches, overlaps. It was generally rough and uneven. Everything I read said to keep practicing.

While it seemed like a waste to make something so far from good, let alone perfect, I kept at it. I practiced on a few small quilt sandwiches made with scrap batting and junk fabric. I even made a baby quilt for practice. It hasn't been bound because I can't imagine giving it to someone with such terrible quilting.

I think that getting my mind to think in reverse was one of the more difficult things to overcome. If you doodle on paper, you move the pen over the paper. Quilting is like moving the paper under the pen.

After I began learning how to even things out and control my hands and the fabric I realized that what seemed like a mistake at the time I sewed it, I often couldn't find when I went back to look for it after finishing (I am too lazy/imperfectionist that I rarely undo and fix mistakes).

Free Motion quilting that I knocked out during naptime today.

Betcha can't see any mistakes from here!

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