Wednesday, January 19, 2011


25.25 yards of fabric.
Golden D'or you put JoAnns to shame.

From top to bottom: 3 fun Michael Miller prints I found for $4.50/yard, white fabric with green trees on it, brown and pink batik print, white cotton, ivory cotton, white flannel, red flannel, blue hexagon print for Daniel's new curtains, white lining for curtains

How does this thing work anyway?

Anyone looking for a sewing machine tune-up or cleaning? I recommend ABC Sewing Machine Services. Randy made a house call on Monday to give my machine some love. He really knew his stuff and for less than $70 I didn't have to drag my machine to be left somewhere for a few days.


  1. 25 yards? wowza! did you have to spend a small fortune? it all looks cute though. hope you had fun! what all did he do on your machine?

  2. ok, in my defense, 11 yards were for Daniel's curtains. And all together it wasn't much more than $100.
    He cleaned my machine, and adjusted the timing, because I was skipping stitches. I just used it for the first time since then and it runs tons smoother! I didn't even realize it was getting rough until seeing the after.



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