Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blue and Orange and Stripes All Over

Tommy and I have been talking about painting Daniel's room since we moved in. We painted the common areas (study, kitchen, living room) fairly soon after moving in. Then we did the bathroom. We kinda stalled out after that since it took so much longer than we anticipated.

A while back while reading The Tightwad Gazette I came across the idea of mixing leftover paints to create new colors with which to paint. We had a whole gallon of blue left from the living room accent wall and various shades of white left from the previous owners. We also had lots of leftover painting supplies from our other projects.

We purchased 1 quart of orange paint and some painter's tape all from our monthly budget, so our cost was very low.

We LOVE the results. It took us just under a week to finish. Stripes take a bit of time as you have to let one color dry before painting the next. And when you have a 2 year old, you can only paint when they are asleep lest you end up with multi-color finger prints on everything. But when said toddler doesn't like to sleep in the guest bed, and wants to sleep in their 'wittle bed' your painting time becomes even more shortened.

We started with a rough outline of the stripes we wanted.

Then we (Tommy) went back and taped off lines for the other stripes.

Daniel checked all of Tommy's measurements.

We ate ah-mazing Crispy Chicken Parmesan.

The final result. Nice crisp lines using the tips from Centsational Girl.

Daniel's quilt matches wonderfully. And his room looks bigger and brighter.

I have plans to make new curtains for his room, provided I can find fabric. And we would also like to get a new dresser. At least a new-to-us dresser. And add a few shelves. Yep. I've got a list for Tommy. :)

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  1. It looks SO good, my friend! I love the picture of Daniel checking the measurements, and your dinner picture is making me hungry. :) I'm impressed with your stripes too!



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