Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quilts in the New Year

My list of quilts to make in 2011 seems to be growing by the day! I even met with a friend today to discuss my first commissioned quilt. It will be a t-shirt quilt, and I think it will be a nice break from using a pattern. It is also inspiring me to finish my t-shirt quilt and possibly throwing in some denim from old jeans too.
Also on my list is a sampler quilt in black and white, 2 quilts which have been promised to others, something using a jelly roll and a new one for Daniel as we are planning on moving him to a twin size bed.

I am excited to have more experience and a tad more confidence as another year begins. I hope to really knock 'em out this year and be more diligent about finishing what I begin in a timely manner. Hopefully craft night will become an every-other-month event. Having the encouragement and inspiration of other crafters is loads of fun. Plus it makes me clean my sewing table more often!

A few months ago while browsing at Border's I came across this book:

and fell in love! The fabrics, the patterns and designs, the photography, the inspiration from everyday sights and objects all had me drooling. When I found it at the local library today, I had to check it out so I could study it longer. Most of it is a bit beyond my skill level, but a couple might be added to my to-make list. (Especially the one on the bottom middle of the book cover.)

This is such a basic design, but the addition of striped fabric take it to an entirely different place.

Diamonds typically intimidate me, but this might make me overcome my fears.

Looks like I'll need to buy some more fabric...


  1. Can't wait to see the finished products!

  2. So excited!!! I'm happy that you are feeling more confident and like the rock star you are becoming. Lookin forward to my quilt for sure. You were so sweet to give me that :o)



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