Tuesday, August 16, 2011


**I accidentally deleted this post, but with the help of my husband, have recreated it. All original comments are lost however.

When choosing fabric for my current project I knew that value would be really important. I pulled several fabrics from my stash aiming for strong values and light values. To see this better I took some shots in black and white. Some of the fabrics have more of a medium value and I regret a few choices. I still love the fabrics but I think they might get lost among the others.

The Final Cut

Top in B&W

Top in Color

Can you see the patterns? The Kaleidoscope? 

I didn't spend alot of time arranging the fabrics here, just tried to make sure same fabrics weren't clustered together too much. The 2nd, 3rd and 5th blocks on the last column are my least favorites. I'm not sure that I'll change them, but the contrast isn't very strong. I can see the pattern within the blocks but I think it will only get stronger once they are sewn together.
I have planned for it to be 6x6 blocks, but I want to hang it on the wall and I'm not sure that will fit the spot I have in mind. This one still has quite a bit of work to go, arranging and sizing. I haven't even thought about borders yet!
Any suggestions?

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