Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday #3

After not touching my sewing machine for close to two weeks, I knew I needed to get back at it! And I'm so glad I did.

 I've sewn together three rows of my kaleidoscope quilt. You may think they look like columns, but I promise you, they are rows. I love how the shapes are popping out already. I can't wait until it's hanging on my wall and I can gaze at it all day. There are only two more rows to go. I was excited to finish her up when I saw this:

How did this happen!?! The orange block is the one with the mistake. At this point there would be a disgusting amount of seam ripping to fix it so I'm trying to decide how much it will bother me. I am thinking that appliqueing new triangles over the existing ones will be the easiest fix. 

 Since I will be in San Antonio for about two weeks next month, I decided it was time to pick up embroidery. It's a bit unreasonable to think that I'd actually get any sewing done there, but this is something I can pick up and set down easily and shove into a bag when needed. My first attempt was actually not bad, I didn't feel the need to throw it away, it might even get used to label a quilt.

 Rachel let me borrow this book, and I love it! Super easy and some great project ideas. Some of my stitches need some serious work, others are tolerable. While I'm in SA I plan on meeting up with Amy and getting a few pointers.

This quilt just needs to be bound! I cut the strips and now need to sew them together. I will probably stitch both sides of the binding on the machine for this one.

What are you making?

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  1. Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL! I don't see the mistake. I was just looking at Jake's small quilt thinking how I need to make him and Luke one for their twin beds. I've only done one that big, but it wasn't too hard. I love your work. You're amazing

  2. Nice kaleidoscope!! I don't see the mistake either, it looks great!

  3. I stared for like 5 minutes and I can't see the mistake either! Aren't we always hardest on ourselves?

    It is a beautiful quilt, look forward to seeing it finished!!

  4. yay for embroidery--yours looks great and i can't wait to hang out! i think i saw that book at half-price once, almost got it, too!



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