Friday, April 13, 2012


I sort of set myself up for failure in my last post, saying I wanted to have a giveaway for my 250th post. Immediately nothing was good enough and I had no clue what to make. And I felt I couldn't use up posts until I knew what I wanted to make for a giveaway. I started an embroidery. I made myself a new pillow. I've been plugging away at several other projects. But nothing for you. But it'll come.

I’ve also been delving into the Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild. Okay, so all I’ve really done is a blog and a planning meeting. But I’m also the librarian, and website designer. And spray baste demonstrator. Through all this, it has been my prayer that I will remember Christ as my first love, not sewing. 

the first time writing his name

A sweet friend from church visited with me yesterday about homeschooling. We are pretty set that this is the route we will take for our family, but are clueless as to where and how to begin. So many friends are asking when we will start and what we will do. My friend loaned me some little booklets by Ruth Beechick that really seem an answer to a prayer I couldn’t even formulate. It is so easy to compare children and always want your own to come out on top, but that is not what I want for Daniel. I want for him to love the gospel and to love learning. And to be a kid.

I’ve been slowly working through several books, but mostly sewing, and watching Downton Abbey.

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