Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mostly May

Time is flying by here and we are loving out little family! Every day feels busy and full and mostly in good ways.
The boys love being together and Daniel often asks if Eli can stay in his room for quiet time. Sometimes I oblige him for 10-15 minutes. But lately it all the little toys make me nervous with Eli's scooching about. 

We checked out a local arts event recently and enjoyed seeing artists and musicians showing off their talents. Eli rode on my back and got plenty of compliments. 

This sticker cracked me up, as the event reminded me a lot of Austin. 

Eli is enjoying his jump-up a lot these days. This is one of two places it can hang in our house. It's a great location since I can sew and see him at the same time. 

Eli is so strong! I won't be surprised if he is crawling by 6 months. He started rolling onto his tummy recently. And now pushes up a lot with his arms and even pushes his legs under him.

I made these little mug rugs for Daniel's teachers as end of the year gifts. Attached is a super cute mug rug poem that Tommy wrote. 

Here's my handsome boy all graduated from preschool! We plan to start homeschool kindergarten in the fall. 

We are all crafty here! Me with fabric, Daniel with colors and Tommy making weapons!

A little Bible study!

I could just eat him up!! The guys from our care group recently went to a speedway to watch races and had a blast. I might have to join them next time. 

Hope you enjoyed a little update. Thanks to Tiffani I finally figured out how to better blog from my phone!!

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