Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIP Wednesday

This is my very first go at paper piecing. It is the botm for my guild. While I don't anticipate using much of this method anytime soon, it was nice to try it out. Tommy held my hand through it and told me that according to physics I was using imaginary numbers. Mhmm. 

Here are the first six blocks all together. 

Another project I'm working on is a kaleidoscope quilt. So far I've been doing lots of cutting. Over 500 pieces so far and another 300+ to go! A few years ago that would have freaked me out but now I am so excited to be working on it. Last week my friend Julie picked up this kaleidoRuler for me; it is a must for cutting these blocks!

I considered going for an ombré effect in the quilt but after seeing these fabrics in black and white I realized that there's not nearly enough contrast in their values to do that. So I'll just sew at random and save ombré for another day. 

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Your sampler quilt is fab. I love your colour choices. So bright and fun.

  2. Your BOM blocks are awesome! Those colors just pop!! You have been doing a LOT of cutting - can't wait to see the quilt :)

  3. Paper piecing can yield some amazing results, but I'm a biased paper piecing fiend. Your color scheme is great for that BOM quilt for all the different patterns.



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