Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: A Crafty Review

I made a total of 10 quilts this past year, along with a few other miscellaneous projects. I have a few on the docket for next year, and plenty of fabric waiting to be cut, and several ideas rolling around in my head.

1. Baby quilt for Isaiah, my nephew

2. Quilt for my grandmom, on her 80th birthday
3. Baby quilt for Bethany, my friend's 3rd baby
4. Baby quilt for Jamizen, born to our friends who moved to Arkansas

1. Baby quilt for Joan, daughter of my friend living overseas
2. Bean bags made for Maddy, Tiff's daughter for her 4th birthday
3. Carseat cover made using this tute, for as-of-yet nameless-baby-Barton
4. Quilt over which my SIL cried upon opening on Christmas (best reaction to date)

1. my fall quilt
2. Nathan and Stephanie's wedding quilt (Tomorrow is the big day!!)
3. my other quilt
4. Pillows to match my fall quilt

1. Daniel modeling Bekah's birthday apron
2. Caden's Car's quilt
3. Christmas fabric which has since been cut and will soon become a Christmas quilt
4. Baby tie onesie, does it get much cuter?

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