Saturday, April 5, 2008

Free Food

Yesterday Tommy and I went to lunch together. He had to drop me off at work because he took the car to San Antonio, and I'm borrowing my bosses truck. I decided we should go to Panera Bread.. yummy. It was packed there, Friday lunch, go figure, but we decided to wait. I ordered my half sandwich and salad and we found an open table. Our food arrived shortly and we began to eat. I was about halfway through with my salad when what did I see with my next bite... a dead fly on my fork. Disgusting. I totally realize that when you've got fresh produce that happens.. but eww!
So I took my bowl and fork to the counter and showed the manager. I thought they handled it well, apologized and offered me a new salad. I told them my salad appetite was gone. (I still wanted my sandwich!) So he asked me if I still had my receipt and credit card and refunded our whole meal! Free lunch! The manager apologized again and told us he hoped it wasn't our first time in and offered again to get me something else. We were understanding and said no it wasn't our first time, and wouldn't be our last.

So then on my way home from work in my bosses ginormous truck I started dinner brainstorming. I didn't want to drive his truck all over, cause even though I'm a good driver, wrecking your bosses truck is just not cool! Order pizza for delivery! Perfect idea. So, I set up an online Pizza Hut account so I can just order online. Somehow I chose carry out instead of delivery... dangit! So I climb into the truck and drive to where I thought the Pizza Hut was.
Here I am, driving all over to get dinner, just what I was trying to avoid. I finally found the Pizza Hut, thinking about how long its been sitting under the heat lamp and go in to pick it up. They screwed up my order. Half of it had chicken sausage on it... I didn't even know they had chicken sausage.. and eww gross! They tell me I can wait 15 minutes while they make the new one.
I had to stand next to the elderly lady with a cane because 4 inconsiderate men were sitting on the only bench.
Finally my pizza comes up and the cashier asks me if I had a coupon for a free large pizza. No, I didn't. Well apparently someone entered the sku for my pizza to be free.
Two free meals in one day!?!

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