Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's a....


Here are his feet...
and his head, though it looks kinda alien-like, you can also see the spine and some of the ribs

and you can see his little hand by his face... when I saw him move in there I started to cry!

Everything else looked great, and confirmed what we thought, I'm about 19-20 weeks along.


  1. A boy! How wonderful! Hope you continue to do well!

  2. The pictures kind of remind me of when I stayed up late as a kid to watch the Apollo spacecraft land on the moon. The pictures from the porthole of the spaceship looks very similar to these pictures. However, I don't remember any little aliens in the shots.
    I don't think I could honestly see any recognizeable body parts from these pics, but the quality or resolution is probably the reason.

  3. Jessica this goes to show what drinking after Tommy will do.......What would happen if Tommy drank after you? A girl, maybe? Congratulations! I miss ya'll.



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