Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

I decided to break my Christmas blogging into 3 posts, one for each gathering we had. The first was on Christmas Eve with my grandparents. We had a great time, and Daniel did very well despite the dreary weather and having to stay inside.

Daniel found two pairs of glasses in my dad's shirt pocket. He took the first pair out and put them on my dad (whom he calls Daddad) and then put the second pair on himself.

Aunt Melinda got some Legos for Tito.

I am still learning my way around my new camera. I brought the manual down with me so I could study it some, but I brought the spanish version, not english, so that didn't exactly help. But regardless, when you but this many great people together you are bound to get a good picture.

Melinda asked me to take some family pictures. (Don't worry, I'll still send you a disc!) They told me to say something funny to get them to smile so I reminded Linda of the time Sarah asked about Ruth and Boaz. She wanted to know what a kinsman-redeemer was. Linda told her that it means he cashed in her coupon.

Most of us went to church afterward. Most of us stayed awake for it too.

Daniel wanted to sit by his Granddad the whole time. And I think Dad was as enamored by Daniel as Daniel was by the candles.

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